Meet the Sennheiser RS 2000

The elegant RS 2000 is a smart listening device. It’s designed to deliver TV sound with renowned Sennheiser quality at the volume you desire to enhance the listening experience. Cutting-edge digital wireless technology delivers crystal clear sound. Intuitive controls provide ease of use. Exceptional battery life and wearing comfort ensure an enjoyable TV sound experience during long listening sessions.

Sennheiser is shaping the Future of Audio – a vision built on a 70-year history of innovation and a continued drive for excellence that is woven into our company’s DNA and culture. Around the world, our employees share this passion in the pursuit of the perfect sound, creating products that exceed expectations and set new benchmarks in audio.

Did you know: Sennheiser has been researching audio and how it’s perceived since 1945. Because of this, the effects of hearing loss is very important to us. The Sennheiser RS 5000, developed in collaboration with Fraunhofer IDMT, one of the leading German hearing and audio research institutes, leverage our audio engineering expertise and passion for excellence toward delivering perfect.

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