Streaming your music has never looked and sounded so good!

Easy Listening
Take the debut, award-winning Tivoli Audio radio, add the latest wireless Bluetooth technology and what do you get? You get the Model One BT – a classic, yet future-proof, radio. Featuring our tried-and-tested analog tuner, the Model One BT determinedly delivers AM and FM radio channels, even in areas of weaker reception, and its wonderfully rich sounds wraps around you like a comforting sonic blanket. The addition of Bluetooth connectivity means you can easily connect a Bluetooth-equipped music device, such as a smartphone or tablet, and enjoy your device’s audio being replayed through the Model One BT’s full-range speaker driver.

Stream Your Music

The Model One BT uses high-performance Bluetooth technology, and the simple interface makes wirelessly connecting your music device, such as smartphone or tablet, a cinch. Just as importantly, you can expect a reliable and robust wireless connection. You can also look forward to excellent sound quality via Bluetooth.


The large tuning dial is more than just part of the Model One BT’s pretty face. The oversize controller enables extremely sensitive AM/FM tuning, helping the Tivoli radio obtain a solid signal and enhancing sound delivery. Whatever your preferred genre – from spoken word to rock to pop – the Model One BT tuner delivers wonderfully realistic sound, and manages to fill even larger rooms with rich sound. In addition to the radio and Bluetooth functions, users can also connect the likes of CD players and non Bluetooth-enabled portable music players. And the headphone enables an entirely private listening session, ideal for when you want to keep down external noise.


    Wirelessly stream music, via simple-to-use Bluetooth technology, from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
    Uses Bluetooth wireless technology’s advanced A2DP profile for high-quality audio.
    Sensitive AM/FM analog tuner
    Simple to use – no complicated set-up.
    3 inch full range, long-throw driver.
    Beautiful wood veneer cabinet available in multiple finishes.

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